Permanent courses

Sportliget, Budapest

Description: This is the second permanent course built in Budapest, currently the only one functioning. Itis locate din a public park, with well maintained lawn, however it is not uncommon to stumble into people walking their dogs in the park. The length of the holes are 50-150m. The course is mostly recommended for beginners, or advanced players.

Location: the park is in the 10th district of Budapest, in a park called Sportliget. Sportliget is between HArmat and Bányató streets. Parking is available from the Harmat utca side of the park.

Google map link:
A pálya itt található.

Number of baskets: 12

Teepads: no fix teepads. Please consult the course map for the position of the tees.

Course mapcan be downloaded from KPDG site

Other info: there is usually a smaller community playing in the park on weekend mornings.  The park where the course is is currently under reconstruction, which means certain holes can be unplayable from time-to-time.



Spiritus disc golf park, Budapest

Description: This is the first permanent course in Budapest. It features 7 baskets with two tees going at each basket. The holes are 80-150 meteers long, and it is predominantly meant for advanced players.

Location, map link:  The course is located in the 3rd district of Budapest, on a hillside behind the Tesco supermarket on Bécsi út.  This is a google map link to the course.

Number of baskets: 7 baskets

Teepads: tee signs are wooden posts, there are no proper teepads, only the land surface

Course map: no official course map available (please drop a line to if you are interested in playing there)

Other info:  The playability of the course is currently limited, as the grass is not cut on the upper parts of the course. This information was updated in March 2019.


High-Tech Sportok Bázisa, Mátrafüred

Description: Located in the main park next to the city enter in Mátrafüred. The course with its very short holes is ideal for beginners, or for promotional events. The course is operated by High-Tech Sportok Bázisa ( )

Location, parking: center of Mátrafüred, across the street from High-Tech Sportok Bázisa

Google map link: Location of the course.

Number of baskets: 9

Teepads: wooden planks halway dug in the earth.

Maps: available at the High-Tech Sportok Bázisa store

Other info If you have no discs on you, you can rent a few from the store.