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Disc Golf Hungarian National Champs / Arbopen 2020

Dear Players!

As you may already have heard, unfortunately Hungary couldn't host the 2020 edition of the Central European Disc Golf Championships this year due to the Covid19 pandemic. While the tournament is postponed to 2021, we didn't want the preparation works to go all down the bin, so the Hungarian Flying Disc Federation has decided to host the 2020 national championships in the same venue and the same date, and open the tournament up for foreign players as well.

We will be playing the CEDGC layout, and most organisational aspects of the tournament will be the same as they would have been during the CEDGC, so you can call it as some sort of a rehersal for next years' event. In this sense, it os not only the tournament layout that we are testing, but also some other organisational aspects (e.g. accomodation booking).

In case we haven't told you this yet: the park where the tournament will be held is a beautiful and huge botanical garden, and using the words DISC GOLF HEAVEN to describe this is extremely fitting. So if you have a chance then please join us at this event! You should find all the important tournament information on this website.

Two tournaments, one location, Hungarian National Champs and Arbopen

In order to comply with the eligibility rules of the Federation, technically we will be organising two tournaments at the same time, and the same place. The Hungarian Flying Disc Federation has some administrative requirements towards those that are entering the national champs, probably such things that foreign players do not wish to meet (don't have to either).

As such we are doing things like this:

  • Arbopen will be a regular PDGA C-tier event, where registration to the Arbopen 2020 has no administrative requirements (of course you need to fill out the form)
  • Arbopen 2020 players may not become hungarian national champions, but they still will be competing for cool prizes
  • we will find a PDGA conform way on how to separate the two fields in terms of scoring
  • we will play three rounds on the tournament, first round will be completely mixed, second round will be by scores (Arbopen and National Champs mixed), and round 3 will be done by scores and divisions

Paperless tournament

For the first time in hunagrian disc golf history, the tournament will be (mostly) paperless. There will not be printed scoreacrds or maps, players will be required to keep scores on DISCGOLFMETRIX. The PDGA rule will be applied like this:

  • flight leadres are responsible for the correct score entering. this means that either they do everything on their phones, or in case this is technically not possible (no phone, no data) then they should ask another flight member to do it. Flight member should help.
  • before each round, the flights will be posted at the tournament center. after the round is over, the flight leader should indicate on this sheet that the round scores are final
  • in the - very unlikley case - that no flight members have the technical possibilities to do the metrix, then we will hand out regular scorecards, to which normal PDGA rules will apply

Arbopen Doubles

In case there are at least 8 pairs registreing, we shall organise an official doubles event prior to the tournament on friday (see Schedule). The rules for the doubles event are this:

  • the entry fee is 2000 HUF / 6 EUR  for each pair, whereby the entire entry fee plus an added 16000 HUF (~48 EUR) will be paid out for the first 3 places. #1 gets 50% of the pot, #2 30% and #3 20%
  • there are no restrictions as to the gender or age of the couples, but the average PDGA rating of the two players in the pair may not be higher than 930
  • we are playing one 18 hole round with modified best shot rules: ths means regular best shot doubles rules where the pair may not use the tee-shot of the same players on more than 2 consecutive holes

Location and time schedule

The tournament will be played in the breathtakingly beautiful botanical garden of the city of Szarvas, the Arboretum. The site is located here.

We will be playing a total of 3*18 holes,  rounds 1 and 2 will be played in a shotgun start modus, while round 3 on sunday will be golf start with tee times.


September 24, thursday

The tournament course will be available to practice around noon. Please note that if you want to play on thursday, you will need to buy an entry ticket to the Arboretum.

September 25, friday

The course is available for practice the whole day. The tournament fee includes the entry fee to the Arboretum on this day.

Between 14:00 and 15:30 the Arbopen Doubles teams are strating their rounds. Just show up with your partner at hole#1, find another couple and go.

There will be a mandatory check-in at the tournament center latest until 20:00 on friday. This is a process that takes 15 seconds, all you need to do is mark yourself on the reg sheet by the tournament center.

September 26, saturday

09:00 tee-off, round 1. Filghts will be distributed per email the evening before, plus added to the FB page of the event, and also printed out at the tournament center. Arbopen and National Champs will be playing in mixed groups.

Cca. 12:30 lunch break, for all those who ordered lunch, it will be served in the tournament center.

14:30 tee off, round 2. Flights will be sorted according to scores, regardless of which tournament you are attending.

In the evening there will be a small player party at the tournament center.

September 27, sunday

8:15 - 10:30 the flights are setting of to play round 3, in a golf start modus. tee-times will be distributed the night before per email, also published on the FB page and printed out at the tournament center.

Following the arrival of the lead card, we shall have a lunch break and the award ceremony.


Tournament accomodation can be booked and paid through our partner for the event, Well Travel travel agency.  To book your accomodation, simply follow these steps:

  • go to this link, or click the button below
  • select the disc golf event
  • you can chose two types of accomodation: double room in the tournament center (6 double rooms available) or 6 person aparments directly next to the Arboretum in Aranyszarvas Panzió. The booking system should have all the info you need to know about thes places
  • you can only book and pay the entire room or apartment, this means that it is enough if one person per room or aparment does the booking. the prices are indicated per room per night (so they can be shared)
  • for this tournament we only have a total of 6 double rooms and 4 6person apartments available, and they are done on a first come first served basis.

Of course you can arrange your own accomodation if you wish, or in case you can no longer book through the system as things are full, you can contact us for some help.


You can order lunch for both tournament days, or you can do your own lunch: there is a small cafeteria in the Arboretum close to the entrance. At this moment we still do not know what the food will be, but it will be something that gives you energy for the rounds and something that is quickly available. The price of the lunch is 1.200,- HUF / day  payable together with the entry fee.

The Course, the Arboretum

It is beyond doubt, that the most famous attraction of the City of Szarvas is the Arboretum, the botanical garden located on the city border. The 80 hectare large, stunningly beautiful park is the home to myriads of plant species – and in 2020 the CEDGC. Players and registered non-players of the tournament will gain free admission to the park, meaning that beyond playing the tournament, they will also be able to visit the park, and check out the sights – definitely worth a visit.

The (yet temporary) course will be set-up in the northern part of the park, with a classical Front 9 – Back 9 division. The PAR63 championship course will feature 9 PAR3 holes and 9 PAR4 holes, and players will require both precision and power to score well on this tough, but beautiful course. While there are no elevation changes, there are tight gaps, tricky OB-s and challenging wooded shots. Expect PAR to be around 970-980 in rating points.

The course map wil be posted here very soon.

On anther note, we can not stress enough that this place is  a natural reserve. This means that the usual disc golf etiquette related to keeping the course tidy is enforced very strictly. Absolutely no littering smoking only in permitted places.

Palying in an Arboretum also means, that you are likely to meet park visitors, and the fact that due to Covid19 tha park was closed for the larger part of the year, we can expect an even higher number of visitors. But no worries there, the par is really huge, and most of the attractions are in the southern part where we will not be playing. Also we shall have spotters and signs directing traffic, so we really do not expect problems in this sense.

Player fee, registration of players and guests

It is not only players, but also non-playing guests who are requreid to fill-in the registration sheet.

Please also note that the entry fees may be somewhat higher than you are used to, but this has to do with the fact that we need to pay to the ARboretum to use their grounds. But please believe us when we say that the extra few euros are money very well spent!

The player fee for the event is 12.500,- HUF or 40 EUR, which includes

  • free entry to the Arboretum on friday, saturday, sunday (your names will be at the gates)
  • a contribution to the fees payable to the Arboretum
  • a contribution to the tournament overheads


The guest fee for the event is 5.000,- HUF or 15 EUR, which includes

  • a free entry to the Arboretum on friday, saturday and sunday


Lunch is not included in the fe, it is payable separately.

Torunament fees are payable to :

Account holder: Hatvani Daniel

IBAN (EUR payments): HU47-10702019-3681-4206-5000-0005

IBAN (HUF payments): HU83-1070-0505-3681-4206-5550-0005

Comment: just make sure we know who is paying and what

Contact, others

We hope to have given you all the necessary information, but in case you have any questions, please let us know.

TD: Dani Hatvani

Contact info:, +36307775610

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