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Dear Disc Golfers!


We have absolutely no idea what COVID'19 travel or other restrictions we will need to face in the middle of October 2020, or under what conditions will it be possible for non-Hungarians to enter the country, but nevertheless, we decided to organise Budapest Disc Golf Open 2020 as originally planned. And by that we do hope to see many of you in Budapest!


The PDGA sanctioned tournament will take place on the October 17-18 weekend, with the course being available to pratice on Friday the 16th around 11-12am.

The tournament schedule is as follows:

October 17, Saturday

  • There will be no official players' meeting. You will nevertheless need to check-in latest until 08:30 at the pavilon next to baskets #2 and #4.
  • 09:00 tee-off round 1 - 18 holes in mixed groups. the flights will be announced latest on friday evening by email sent to the players, posted on the FB event of the tournament (subject to change in case check-in shows that people didn't show up)
  • ~12:30 - 13:45 lunch break in the restaurant behind the pavilon (the usual place)
  • 14:00 (but potentially even earlier) tee-off round 2 - 18 holes in groups ordered by total scores (irrespective of category)
  • in the evening: flights for round 3 will be posted per email and on the FB page of the event


October 18, Sunday

  • 09:00 tee off round 3 - 18 holes in groups oredered by category and score
  • around 12:30 lunch break
  • 14:00 (but potentially even earlier) tee-off finals - 9 holes for the best 36 players (by score but at least 4 playdrs in each category)



The tournament will take place on the Hajógyári-sziget (a.k.a Óbudai-sziget) in Budapest. This is a large island on the river Danube (Duna), offering a great place for disc golf with its large and flat and often windy terrains, wooded areas. The course is a temp course that will be set-up in a public park, which means that apart from disc golfers, expect to see regular pedestrians, and .............   yes, dog walkers. This place is pretty popular among dog walkers, but the good news is that we will make all the necessary and possible pre-cautions to inform dog walkers about the tournament. So we hope there will be no issues.


We decided to make absolutely no changes at all to the 2019 course, so please download the course map from here.


IMPORTANT: while you can enter the island by car, lately the authorities have started strictly enforcing the "parking only in designated areas" rule. Designated parking area is right after the entrance of the island, a good 5-7 minutes walk from the course. You can of course drive all the way to the holes at your own risk, but we suggest that you leave the car in the parking zone. Parking is free there all day long.

ALSO IMPORTANT: this is a public park, with unfortunately no public sanitary facilities. In other words, no toilet on the island. There will be a toilet at the lunch place, and also there is a kayak-canoe club by hole #1 and though their toilet is not public, they won't have anything against some people using them.


Who can play and in what categories?

As this year we are not bound by the 3PT rules in relation to classifications, we decided to introduce three categories. The goal of this is to give the sensation and the thrill of equal competition to  less experienced players as well. In both male and female geners we will have three categories:

  • amateur (PDGA classification is MA4 or FA4): we recommend this category for players with less than 2-3 tournaments behind their back, who have recently started the game.
  • open (PDGA classification MPO or FPO): open category with no restrictions
  • open masters (PDGA classification MP40 or FP40): for experienced players who are older than 40 years (or turning 40 this year)

Please note that in case there are less than 5 players registering in a category, then those players will be reclassified to either open or masters (depending on their age).

Please also note that we reserve the right to reclassify players registering to amateur, who we think should not belong there. The goal of this is really only to give starting players the chance and opportunity of competing against players on their level.


Paperless? Yes!

Players will be required to use discgolfmetrix for scoring. We think that all players have mobile phones, there is good data reception on the island, roaming is no longer an issue. This means that you will also be required to give us your discgolfmetrix user name (and register to discgolfmetrix if you do not have one yet) at regsitration. In very exceptional cases, if every player in a flight loses their phones, their batteries die, they come from a country with no roaming agreements, or any other events, we consent to using paper based scoring, but even in such cases, players will be asked to seek opportunities to enter their scores digitally.

Also, since we are paperless, we will not print out course maps either.



Players can pre-order lunch that will be served in a restaurant behind the pavilon by basket #2 and #4 (the usual lunch place). We do not know what will be served yet, but there will be a vegetarian and a regular option, and we know from experience that the lunch they give is is pretty decent. Since this is a restaurant cooking, they can also meet other other restrictions e.g. glute-free, vegan, etc. make sure you let us no on the registration sheet. The price of the food is 6 EUR / day, payable together with the tournament fee. You will also be able to buy beverages (plus beer and coffee) at the restaurant.

Please note that it will no longer be possible to order food at the tournament (only pre-order), but there is a kayak-canoe club at tee #1, with a small buffet/bar open also serving food. So in the worst case you can also grab something from there.

As for drinking water, we will deliver plenty of water to the course for players to take with them.


As usual, we do not organise accomodation for players.


How do i pay the tournament fee and to whom?

Although we would love to see many-many foreign players showing up, unfortunately due to Civd19 travel restrictions the reality will be closer to having only some of our non-hungarian disc golf friends. This means that we will not require players to transfer their starting fees, but pay them at the premises. We will let you know which one of our club members will be collecting the fees. Please make sure to settle it in the lunch break on saturday.

Also, to make this easy, the tournament fee will be 20 EUR (not including food).


Covid'19 issues?

We are closely following the restrictions of the hungarian health authorities, and will let you know if there are any such changes that can affect the tournament. Currently there are no such restrictions (apart from travel restrictions).

As of today, we only have the - pretty much common sense - regulations, such as face masks are required to be worn in all indoor places (except restaurants) and public transportation, and people are recommended to keep their distances, frequently wash/disinfect their hands and stay home if they feel sick.

As such, we are also asking you to stay home and not come to the tournament, if (1) you or anyone in your close biological community have been tested positive less than 14 days prior to the tournament, or (2) you have been suffering of typical Covid19 symptoms 1-2 days prior to the tournament.


I have more questions!

Then plese contact the TD Dani Hatvani hatvan07 at gmail dot com


I would like to register to the tournament !!!

Great, then press the below button to do so! The tournament is limited to 72 players, and we will let you know if you end up on the waiting list (unlikely to happen. the ending up, not the contacting.)

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